40 days to christmas

I know it's only mid-November, but to cope with the grey and the rain here, I try to pretend Christmas is closer than it actually is.
Today I made some Christmas decoration to the tree we'll get in December. Since it's the first time we'll have our own Christmas tree, L and I, we have no decorations, no glitter nor lights to decorate it with. I've decided to do a lot of origami for the tree and then try to find some vintage decorations also. 

 You'll need eight sheds of origami square papers, nylon thread and a cotton thread.

 A tiny step-by-step guide how to make the little gift:

Fold on the middle, twice, fold in 1/4, as on the picture and fold triangles.

Make four of these
 And then merge them into one
Make two (lid and buttom) and use the needle and the nylon thread to make the hanger.

Then just make a tiny ribbon and you're done!

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