Gingerbread buttons

C found this cute way to make cookies somewhere on the internet, but can't remebmer where. Anyway, it's a fun shape so we decided to celebrate our Yash-opening by making some gingerbread. We bought dough in our local shop. Took the easy way, so to speak. 
This is what you'll need to make the button-shaped ginger bread
Rolling pin
Two glasses in different sizes
A small stick
And some friends to invite to the eating!

Take the biggest glass and make a round shaped cookie.
Now, take the smaller glass, place it in the middle of the cookie, and just push a little. Like a stamp.
Make the button holes with a small stick.
Put them on a plate, in with them in the owen and wait. (200 c for 5 minutes)


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Anna Lena Mayor Ekeblad said...

Loving these so so so much!