A dress I'll never wear

I found this dress in a vintage shop. I was looking for a great dress to wear at a masquerade. And I found this. I loved it, but wanted my boyfriend to have a look too, so I asked him to meet me in the shop later that day. He loved it to. So I decided, I had to have it. The girl in the shop smiled the biggest smile I've ever seen,
and she said: Oh, it's a lovely dress!
I answered: It sure is! And good I finally found one.
She replied: Oh, when is the big date?
I answered, quite confuzed: Tomorrow night.
She the said: Oh, then you are very lucky you found a dress.
That's when I realize it's a wedding dress.
My boyfriend and I have bought a wedding dress for the wedding which isn't coming. At least not before he propose to me (which ha still haven't, and we bought the dress in December 2011).
I pay for the dress and walk home, hand in hand with my boyfriend.
And I wore a black Downton Abbey-inspired dress the other night instead. The wedding dress is still in the closet waiting for someone to get married. I'm thinking of starting a bride's rental shop. This will be my favorite.

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