Dumpling time!

Too much food right now, sorry for that, but I, and my boyfriend, have just realized that I'm actually quite a good chef.
So, two days ago I decided to make dumplings, last time they where good, but not great. This time, I was determined they would be more than great.
Looking through our fridge I realized we had a good start, the luxury with dumplings is that you can fill them with anything you like.
I like vegetables and decided to make all vegan dumplings today.
Carrots, mushrooms, red cabbage, cilantro, parsley, garlic, chili, lime and union would be great, I decided.
So, i chopped all the vegetables, and thought, protein is great too, so I chopped some tofu. I fried it in a pan with sesame oil and some soy sauce (the japanese one) and I just let it get soft and good smelling and tasting.
Then I hade my boyfriend to take care of the boring stuff, fill the pastry, we were lucky and found some ready made dumpling pastry in the freezer from last time. Keep them wet!!!!
Then just put them in the pan, and made some sauce, I usually use soy sauce, some sesame seeds, carrot, garlic and chili. Bled it with sesame oil and some chinese vinegar. To make the taste a bit softer you can boil a cup of water with two spoons of sugar and poor that in to.

Now you're done! Don't forget the chopsticks, you can't have dumplings with knife and fork!

This is me in the middle of everything, my birds, Paul&Stella is always in the middle too.

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