The face of a child

I love my children, I can post things about them every day.
But I find it hard to decide how much to expose my kids online.

A baby is a baby, but a 10 year old needs his own space.
I do want to believe that the earth is a good place

with nice people, but it is´t always so.
I myself love to read blogs about children,  

where people show and share their experiences with their kids. 
To share the joy, see how they grow and develop. 
I look at it with love and respect.
When I show my kids, it's a choice I have made. 

A choice they can not withdraw.  
At the same time, we make choices for our children every day,  
we choose their clothes, what they eat, where they live and what school they attend to.
We do that because we are the adults.
We make choices for our children, and those choices we do with our hearts.
/ / C

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