In my cupboards pt 2

It's time for part two in this little serie of mine called In my cupboards. Some things we just have at home, and we forget to enjoy them. This is why I do this, I have so much stuff which almost never see the daylight. This is for all that stuff. A 15 minutes of fame. Or just daylight...
In one of my most likely to be forgotten cupboards I store all my pots and pottery, I had a brief idea I would only buy white pots, that was just an idea and now when I find something I like, I buy it, wether white or not.

These are my best pots, one day, we can say tomorrow, I'll by flowers and plants for all of these. So they'll be watched and enjoyed. 

They are all from old Swedish potteries, from the top: Steninge, Uppsala Ekeby x5, Rörstrands x2.

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