A walk in Haga

We have been sick, for ages.
Sweden is like that, cold, and as soon you get out, you get sick.
I have been in our apartment for about 3 weeks now.
Finally yesterday I got out for a walk in Haga/Linné.
I went to Färg och förändring for a new eco soap.  
They have their own production of organic skin care
Love their stuff, the scents and texture, you should try.
Then I got to Bokskåpet, a kids store with great books, toys and 
if you are a Rice fan, that´s a good palace to shop. I got these, for the babys food. 
On the other side of Bokskåpet you will find a second hand store for Kids called Mamas retro
it´s a very special place, visit it. 

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