The town we live in

We, that´s me and E, live in Göteborg, or Gothenburg in english.
It´s a town on the westcoast of Sweden, it´s a harbour city.
I have always lived in towns near the sea, and can´t imagine how it is to live without fresh fish.
Our town is known for a certain kind of irony (which I don´t like) shrimp sandwich and an ugly dialect. 
But I think it´s a great town that offers nice parks, creative people and good food.
It´s the home town of Volvo and it brings you 
the best festival ever, Way out West!
And look at my neighborhood, It´s beautiful.
Take a local beer at 7ans, and buy a cinnamon roll at Saluhallen.
On my last walk I meet Hugo and the sweet dog Nikita.

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