Happy Birthday!!!!

Today, L turns 25. It's a big day. I hated mine. But I love birthdays, others more than my own.
When L and I moved in together I decided that we'll always have cake in the morning. In my family we ate an normal (OK, a bit more fancy) breakfast on our birthdays, but now, I can make my own tradition.
Cake in the morning is one.
Heart-shaped cake in the morning.
This particular 25th birthday, a six floor high heart-shaped cake in the morning.
The best thing with the heart-shaped cake, you can cut two slices and then just put on some more whipped cream, and serve it as new in the evening to your guests. Old cake tastes better than new, lucky guests! (See the last picture!)
I made the bottoms myself this year, never seen such perfection coming out of my oven!
Real easy!
1,5 dl flour
1,5 dl potato flour
2, 5 tbs baking powder
5 eggs
3 dl sugar.
Mash all the dry ingredients.
Whip egg+sugar, it shall be light yellow!
Then mash it together, pour in a bit of the dry ingredients at a time.
In the oven for 40-50 minutes (real important to NOT open the oven the first 20-25 minutes. After those minutes you but something on the cake so it wont burn)
Yes, I bought him a pair of NIKE trainers. They are so blue I get happy every time I look at them!

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