Best meal I've ever had

I had the great/huge opportunity to go to Amsterdam with Grolsch two weeks back. Maybe I should have been more exited about the festival we where going to, but after our first evening, and our first meal, I couldn't think about anything else, OK, until I got to the HAIM that is. But anyway. I made this little movie about out meal. It was so great. Eight or nine courses and it all tasted marvelous. And I don't even like food. Can you imagine?
The restaurant was located in the bottom of our hotel, Sir Albert and is called Izakaya, and sooo worth a visit if you're ever going to Amsterdam (the city is also soooo worth a visit, and you just have to rent a bike!). I'm just lucky my sister is moving to Amsterdam next year so I'll have a more than great reason to visit many times in the future.
The song is by Crystal Fighters.


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