Love - the strongest medicine of all

This weekend, two years ago we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.
We invited new and old friends to a party in fine old Götabio.

The theme was blue!
I made my dress after the famous Grace Kelly-dress, but my was short and blue.
Our son who was´t at our wedding because he was not born yet, loved to celebrate this time with us. 

Love is strong, but never easy.
I really love him, he makes me complete.

All photos are taken by the city's best: Evelina
/ / C


Anna said...

Vilka vackra bilder! Riktig tjusig klänning du har. Har du gjort fjärilarna själv eller kanske ett etsyfynd :)

C said...

Tack Anna!
De kommer ifrån Sugar Robot, och ja visst var det på Etsy jag hittade de :)