Almost free

C have already told you about DOX, a series of documentarys which you can watch on SVT, our public broacasting company, funded by all (or those who admit they've got one, everyone should, it's almost free, around 380 USD a year) TV owners.
We don't own a TV, L and I, but we got a radio, and it's turned on from almost all the time. We love our public funded radio (it's not only TV that is funded by the public, the radio is too).
So, instead of wathing millions of hour of bad TV shows, mainly just watched because we're lazy, (when we had a TV we watched all kinds of shitty shows leaving nothing but emptyness...) we listen to the radio. Sometimes we pop popcorn, and listen to some documentary, 'cause even if you know the ending. It get's so exiting.
Last weeks a huge debate raged in the media here, about a girl called Nora, who was raped (by a highly respected police man) and then denied a female psychologist.
If you understand Swedish, which some of you do, I suppose, you can listen to it here, the documentary is in two parts. It's made by Daniel Velasco.

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