Semlor, or buns as Google translate wants to call it

Today, my sister had some friends visiting her from Halmstad, a city on the west coast. I wanted to make them something special, so I decided to make semlor, the greatest pastry in the world. A simple bun, filled with almond and cream.
I took a classic recipie,
75 g butter
25 g yeast
2,5 dl milk or soy milk
7,5 dl flour
0,5 dl sugar

2,5 dl cream or a non dairy cream product
300 g Almond icing
1 dl Milk or soy milk

Melt the butter, poor in the milk, it has to be 37 degrees Celcius, then tad in the yeast, blend it with almost all the flour, and all the other ingredients. Then let it yeast for 40 minutes or more. Make small buns, let them rise on a baking tray for 30 minutes and then in the oven (225 degrees Celcius) for 10-15 minutes.

During the ferment you'll have to prepare the almond stuffing. Blend the milk with the almond icing, you can put it on the stove id you want, but it hase to nicely blended. Then whip the cream.
Take out the buns, let them cool, then cut the top of, but keep it! Dig a small hole in the bun and stuff it with the almond stuffing. Then put on the cream, put on the lid, and it's done!!! Now eat!!!!//E

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