The most beautiful thing I'll ever wear

We're planning our wedding.
It's only one month since L asked me to marry him in Paris, but we're not the kind of people who wait and plan and dream. We do things.
It took us three days from the first time we met 'til we changed relationship status on Facebook. It took me four days to move from Stockholm to Gothenburg. An it took me a month to move into his apartment.
You hear. We don't do things slowly.
So therefore, we don't plan to plan our wedding for 18 months, or ever six, as it seems right now. We want to do this and not wait our whole life.
This is my dress, it's 40's vintage and I found it in a shop here in Gothenburg, and for the first time ever, something in a vintage store fitted perfectly from the beginning. It'll need some stitches and some buttons, but then, it's more than perfect.

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